Business & Succession Planning

Business & Succession Planning

There are people who constantly generate great ideas without the drive to get such ideas off the ground or to make them sustainable. Then, there are people who are most at peace when clear steps are laid out for them so they can churn away and sustain a project's progress according to a plan. Starting, expanding, managing, and selling a successful business requires the type of person or team of people who can meet both those demands.

Business and succession planning is a key component of bringing an idea into a successful reality. Every part of what one does in the formative stages is a key component to getting that business off the ground and keeping it in the air. My clients are informed when and why they are choosing an entity for their business. My clients are also provided the tools they need to maintain the formalities of that entity so it continually reaps the benefits of its respective designation. What's more, my clients and I discuss how the interest in their business should be bought or sold when that day finally comes. This matters for individuals who go it alone as much as those with partners in their ventures. Additionally, I enjoy maintaining relationships with business clients to assist them with reviewing and drafting contracts and any other ongoing matters. My clients know I'm there for them as I want them to not just get started but to succeed.

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Jeff was very flexible and understanding. This was my first time ever needing a lawyer (real estate issue) and he took the time to explain the process and was quick in responding to my questions. I wouldn’t hesitate in calling Jeff Perkins again should I ever need more legal services.
C. Walker
Jeff is super easy to work with, very responsive, and very knowledgeable! I requested services in an industry that he was not as familiar with, and he put the work in to learn. Would recommend for sure.
D. Martin
Jeff is honest, responsive and very upfront. He made me feel very at ease when discussing my my legal needs and general questions.
J. Wyland
I highly recommend Jeff Perkins. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. If you’re looking for sound legal expertise and peace of mind, talk to Jeff! You couldn’t ask for better representation.
G. Tran
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